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Plataea 2021 Pre-Registration


This is initial registration while we recruit and sort out new people and equipment creation. Expect to pay $1000 round trip airfare to Athens and approx. another $750 for a week in Greece which will include side trips to Thermopylae, Artemesium, Delphi and of course Athens. There will be martial arts instruction and some tours included free. We will try to find bus transportation and local hotel or B+B lodging so you have the cheapest fee and so we’re all together. IMPORTANT: We only care that you have a passion for history and/or martial arts. We are race and gender neutral/friendly. We are LGBTQ friendly and have LGBTQ members. If you do not like the idea of women or people of colour in your phalanx, or LGBTQ folks, you should stop right here and do something else in 2021.

Name *
If you do not already belong to a group, please say 'none'. If you belong to a group, please give the name and some contact info.
Please check one to indicate what you need.
What do you want to be?
If you checked Neophyte above, check one of these now so we know how to kit you out. All prices are approximate. You will have to make some things yourself. We'll help.
Please tell us where you live so we can put you with a phylarch (corporal) to help you.

This is not the final event registration. We need numbers for everything from equipment purchase to finalizing travel and tourism arrangements. Your group or unit will keep you in touch with the plans for the vent; if you are new to all this, we’ll put you in the closest group or you can join our Taxeis, the Plataeans (But many of us do Persian and/or Scythian as well).

We will post a sort of ‘equipment catalogue’ and we’ll help you get kit. Please do not buy anything without advice from a veteran. You can ask any Plataean whose already done a Greek event for help.

If you do not already own kit and belong to a group, we ask that you pay $25.00 now against your registration fee. Frankly, this helps us make sure you mean to come! It will also be used for initial expenses in Greece. If you cannot come, this fee will not be refunded. But if you do come, this $25 will be taken off your registration fee. And no, we don’t know how much that will be yet.

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