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Deed of the Red Knight 6


A 14th century mercenary encampment, located near Peterburough Ontario.

This year will include, group fighting scenarios, individual fighting, competitive archery, a market and a tavern. Our emphasis will be on group combat, and we will do our best to find roles for everyone who wants to participate in the scenarios, no matter their level of martial arts experience, however if you would like to organize an activity for non-fighters, when the fighting is taking place, please let us know.

Set up will begin, the afternoon of Thursday the 3rd of October, and the event will end Sunday the 6th at 1 PM.

Schedule will be something along these lines:

Friday morning, group fighting scenarios.

Friday afternoon, archery tournament. / 1 on 1 combat.

Saturday morning, group fighting.

Saturday afternoon, market

Saturday evening, tavern

Sunday morning, group fighting,

Food will be organized by mess-group. If you are not already in a unit based mess-group you will be assigned to one.

IT MAY BE COLD - bring all the warm bedding you need to be comfortable sleeping inside a tent, Priority on warmth, don’t worry about historical authenticity.

No historical cooking experience is required. You will be expected to help with food prep, fire management, dish washing etc.

We expect everyone to sleep in historical tents. There is a good amount of tentage available in case you don’t have your own. If you need to sleep in a modern tent for accessibility reasons let us know and we will accommodate.

Event is open to Hoplologia members and members of our sister organizations only.

All participants are required to pay into company insurance. It is $20 per year for 2019/2020. If you don’t know whether you have paid, feel free to ask. If you attended Aix on Foret or the Symposium this year, you have already paid.

Cost for the event is $65 plus the food cost for the weekend which will vary slightly from mess-group to mess-group. But should be around $40 per person. Youths under 18 are free to attend and only need to pay their mess- group fees.

If you wish to vend at the market, please indicate as much on the form. Only historical items are allowed. Space will be limited, so vending space will be first come first serve. If you need a table, you will be expected to provide a historical one. There are no buildings at this site so we will endeavor to have the market in tents in case of weather.

We will pay people in medieval coin during the market. Pay will be assigned only for attendance at this years Red Knight. To be paid, all members, including non-combatants must be assigned to a lance. You may talk to any knight in the company about joining their lance. More info about this will be available closer to the event.

Once you complete the form, and pay, you will be added to our event Facebook group. We may also contact you via email through our mailchimp account. Please make sure you open these emails. We will not give your email address to any third party organizations.

All adults must register separately. Payment is a separate action from filling in the form so please make sure you do both.

If you have questions, feel free to email us at

Once you register we will send you the specific address.

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