La Compagnia de Rose nel Sole

Our primary reenacting group is devoted to the recreation of a Company of mercenaries in late 14th century Italy. Loosely modeled on Sir John Hawkwood’s ‘Company of the Rose’ in the 1380s., our company has an international flavour, with English and French knights and archers as well as Italians, Hungarians and even a Mamluk. ZWe have about one hundred and fifty members and we get together for three to four events a year. Our major event is called the ‘Deed of the Red Knight’ and we hold that in Canada (so far) in mid October. This year we went to Italy to take part in the ‘Torneo Del Ci.’gno Bianco.’ If you are interested in joining or want more information, click here.

The Plataeans

Our secondary reenacting group is a recreation of the hoplites, citizens, servants, and slaves of the small Boeotian city of Plataea in the early Fifth century BCE. Plataea was not as rich as Athens or as famous as Sparta, and yet seems to have played a fairly major role in the events of the Persian Wars. Of course, many of our members also have kit to be Persians, Scythians or Egyptian Marines, as we often have to provide our own opponents. We have done events in North America, but our real purpose is to recreate the Persian Wars and the culture of the period in Greece, and we have helped recreate the Battle fo Marathon twice, in 2011 and in 2015. In 2021, we’ll be at Plataea for the ‘End of the Persian Wars’ event.