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The Pas d'Aix-en-Foret

  • The Pas d'Aix-en Foret Lotbiniere Quebec Canada (map)

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Hear ye, Lords and Ladies, Knights and Squires, and Persons of Arms!

We make it known to you that four French Knights will be performing a deed of arms in Lotbinière, Québec (Canada), from the 6th to the 12th of July in the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen. They will be holding the field against all comers of good will for seven days.

About :

The Pas d’Aix-en Forêt will occur from July 6th to 12th  in Lotbinière, Québec on a private site. The town of Lotbinière is about halfway between Trois-Rivière and Québec city. The event is by invitation only, but we welcome chivalrous ladies and gentlemen to approach and be recognized

The lists are not meant to be exclusive or closed. We do require decent late fourteenth century kit, although we will be lenient with newcomers. We also require an appropriately chivalrous approach to combat. The event is capped at 30 people due to the size of the site. For reenactement purposes the year is 1385 and we are in Normandy about halfway between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel.

This event is all about re-enacting. The whole site will be in 1375 to 1420 at all times (as best we can manage).

Activities include:

The pas d’armes that will most likely occur in the mornings before lunch when the temperature is cool.

Archery range

Saturday night feast (included in the fees). BYOB.

A trek along la rivière du chêne (about 3h)

A trek to the Moulin du portage (30 minutes walk), where you may swim

Bath and laundry day

A visit of Old Québec and le domain Joly de Lotbinière can be organized at the request of our guests (please let us know if you would be interested).

Daily chores such as cooking, washing dishes, chopping wood etc.

Crafts are up to you. Spinning, dying, sewing, needlework, martial arts training, candle making, etc...  group activities will be planned on our Facebook group

The Site and accommodations:

The Pas d’Aix-en-Forêt is held on a private property in Lotbinière, Québec. It is a wooded lot that can accommodate a small period camp of authentic pavilions and military tents. There is a cabin with a dormitory that can hold 14 people. People sleeping in the dormitory will only need to bring  sheets, blankets, and pillows (beds and mattresses provided). If you are interested, request a spot when registering, they will be reserved on a first paid first served basis. There will be NO modern camping.

Fresh drinking water available on site.

Firewood for cooking will be provided. Do not bring your own, you may bring insects with it.

This event is period all the time except for Monday morning for setup and Sunday afternoon for teardown. If you are arriving at any other time, you are asked to change before walking up the path to the site, and carrying your equipment in period containers. A wagon will be available. The inside of your tent (if it remains closed) as well as the dormitory does not have to be period, although that is something you can strive for. Please keep all plastic bags and bins out of sight; nothing ruins a picture like a grocery bag.

Off site accommodations, 30 minutes drive:

Motel Rayalco 104 Rue Olivier, Laurier-Station, QC G0S 1N0, (418) 728-4282


There is no actual fee (except $15 to buy food the feast), however, the cabin does need upkeep and we would appreciate a donation. Suggested donation is $15 per day. If you are sleeping in the cabin, you may wish to add another $5 a day. You do HAVE to be insured, but Hoplologia members that have paid their annual dues are already covered. Everyone else needs to pay $15 and sign a waiver.

Here is the breakdown of suggested donations:


Members of Hoplologia (In good standing)

For the whole week camping, including feast: 120$

For the whole week dormitories, including feast: 155$

Weekend only (Friday to Sunday) camping, including feast: 60$

Weekend only (Friday to Sunday) dormitory, including feast: 75$

N.B.: Day trippers are requested to pay $15 per day.

Non-Members of Hoplologia (includes insurance)

For the whole week camping, including feast: 135$

For the whole week dormitories, including feast: 170$

Weekend only (Friday to Sunday) camping, including feast: 75$

Weekend only (Friday to Sunday) dormitory, including feast: 90$

N.B.: Day trippers are requested to pay $15 per day.

Children under 17

For the whole week camping, including feast: 15$

For the whole week dormitories, including feast: 50$

Weekend only (Friday to Sunday) camping, including feast: 15$

Weekend only (Friday to Sunday) dormitory, including feast: 30$


 Non-Members of Hoplologia will be asked to sign a waiver upon arrival.

All fees are payable in Canadian dollars. Payment in advance is preferred; credit card via PayPal to or personal cheque (send an email to get the mailing address).  Fees may be paid on-site with cash or cheque. Fees paid on-site will accept U.S. dollars on par with Canadian.


The event will feature a Saturday evening feast. Participants will need to plan for all other meals from their own camps.

There are a few grocery and liquor stores nearby, please refer to list below. Wine and beer also sold at the grocery store and corner stores... welcome to Quebec.

Grocery Stores, 15 minute drive:

Metro, 300 12e Ave, Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent, QC G0S 1G0

Marché AMI, Marché St-Édouard, 2515 Route Principale, Saint-Édouard-de-Lotbinière, QC G0S 1Y0

Beaudet Yvon Marché, 7542 Route Marie-Victorin, Lotbinière, QC G0S 1S0

Grocery Store, 25 minute drive:

Metro, 6452 Rue Principale, Sainte-Croix, QC G0S 2H0

 Liquor store, 25 minute drive:

SAQ, 6375 Rue Principale, Sainte-Croix, QC G0S 2H0


Dress Guidelines : info is  same as red Knight’s deed



See Fees section for prices

A separate registration form is required for each combatant, although groups consisting of a single combatant and additional non-combatants, or entirely of non-combatants, may register together.

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