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Torneo del Cigno Bianco

The Compagnia at the Torneo in 2014

The Torneo del Cigno Bianco is a premier Italian reenacting event and tournament in Verona, Italy.  As you can see in the kit of the Italian men-at-arms and knights and ladies and pages; and in the presence of an original 14th c. castle in the background...  it's the perfect place to recreate what our company does.

      In 2016, we plan to go as a Company and take part on a larger scale.  In 2014 we had four knights, a squire, and four ladies; we hope to improve on that in 2016, but it is not the numbers but the spirit that make the event. 

      We have already secured the Corte Beatrice as Company headquarters for the week leading to the event--a bed and breakfast in a 17th century palazzo in the countryside, with a huge field for practicing the art of arms.  Rooms run about 85 Euros a night and there are several beds in each suite. I am currently negotiating for other, cheaper accommodation nearby and/or possibly camping on the grounds.

     As time draws nearer we'll post a registration area and arrange pre-payment for lodging.  Of course everyone is welcome to stay wherever they like--last time we enjoyed being together.  We will arrange some visits and events in the area--the castello vecchio in Verona, Saint Anastasia, the sixteenth century bastions, the shopping area...and also side trips to Venice and Padua! 

     Come and recreate John Hawkwood and all his friends on their Italian Vacation of 1382!

complete with Bea's thumb...