Our medieval class runs from 9 to 11 on Thursday evenings. The foundation of this class is the study of 14th century longsword, and we work from historical manuals such as Fiore Dei Liberi's Getty manuscript. We also study historical hand to hand combat, dagger, sword and buckler, spear and pole axe, arming sword and we are open to looking at other weapons as well. The class structure follows a general pattern of one and one half hours of drills and instruction followed by half an hour of sparring for those students who feel comfortable. We consider sparring to be an integral part of the practice of any martial art and we encourage our students to participate when they feel ready. Sparring is carefully monitored and beginner students only spar with instructors for the first few months.


We ask that our students wear sport training shoes which are not worn outdoors to protect the floors of our space. Loose comfortable clothing which does not impede movement should be worn to classes as well as a heavy sweatshirt for basic protection. We provide protective equipment to our students for the first few months of training, after which time we encourage you to purchase a standard fencing helmet, a padded arming jacket and steel gauntlets. Click here for a list of suppliers.

Pay schedule:

The first class is always free, after that we charge $15  for drop in or $50 a month for all four classes. We are a not for profit organization so at the moment all fees go to paying rent at our space, purchasing new equipment and paying guest instructors.

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