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One thing we do not believe is that the use of historical re-creation is to celebrate our own ancestors and thus, we ourselves. We have observed - on three continents - a use of historical re-creation as a vehicle of fascism and nationalism, and that's not why we're here. Our organization is open to anyone, regardless of race, faith, gender, orientation, or outlook, so long as you are willing to work (hard) and are interested in the projects. Our outlook on participation is that of our current, modern Canadian, American, Italian, and Greek societies - we encourage anyone to take any role they fancy, as long as they are willing to do the work, acquire the skills, and take the responsibility. We are proud to have women who are knights, and African American hoplites. We wouldn't have it any other way, because we know, deeply, how our society got where it is.

If you agree, you can join. If you don’t agree, please do not ask to join. It is our only bar to membership; inclusivity is our guide. That, a desire to work hard, and a willingness to learn and teach.

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